Jalal ad-Din Khwarazmshah .. Hero or coward .. historians did not do justice with his true story

Jalâl ad-Dîn Khwârazmshâh (1220 – 1231)

( جلال ‌الدین خوارزمشاه )

was the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire. No one in Muslim world could withstand the onslaught of Genghis Khan as did Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad, the Khwarazm Shah.

Jalaladdin Khwarazmshah monument at Uzbekistan

Genghis Khan closely chasing the forces of Jalaluddin Khwarazshah stood on one side of the Indus, and saw the fleeing forces of Jalal cross over. Khwarazm Shah put his horse in the River Indus at Hund above Attock. And just as he thought he had got his bitter foe, Genghis Khan’s marksmen took positions on the river bank ready to hurl their arrows. “Stop, no one will let the arrows fly,” ordered Khan to his soldiers who were surprised because Genghis Khan was not known for forgiving.

Genghis Khan forbade pursuit and watched in admiration as his opponent swam his horse to safety on the far bank still carrying his weapons, called his sons and pointing at Khwarazm Shah said, “Look at the brave man. Such sons should a father have”

All those who are familiar with the tussle between Khwarazm Shah and Genghis Khan still are at loss about who out of the two was braver, Khwarazm Shah whom a man like Genghis Khan who used to say, “I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent punishment like me upon you” was calling brave or Genghis Khan who could control his anger and accept the bravery of arch enemy giving his example to his sons as a role model?

Nasim Hijazi in his novel “Akhari_Chataan” described him as a Muslim hero while mostly western historian described him as a coward. A certain columnist at The Express Tribune , Salman Rashid, wrote Jalaluddin as shameless  Jalaluddin and coward , for the man known to have resisted the Mongols for a long period.

Whatever the truth is , but as a human , a reader can’t remain untouched by Jalal uddin KhwarazmShah , he was fighting at that time to mongols when nobody dared to do.

Below is the clip of last episode of Akhari Chaatan  ( Last Clif / The Last Rock / آخری چٹان) , a dramatized version of urdu novel written by Nasim Hijazi ..


A Prayer Heeded (A Prayer Series #2) Book Review

A Prayer Heeded (A Prayer Series #2)A Prayer Heeded by Samreen Ahsan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“A Prayer Heeded” is a sequel to the “A silent Prayer” , Both Rania and Adam got seperated in first book as Adam’s inner Satan put him in jealousy and frustration.
This story unfolded many mysteries related to Rania and Adam’s character first shaken with disblief and fear.
Rania’s character is strong enough to survive her tormentous past and she was not easy to trust anyone and her mind was captured by a lovelorn Jinn who claimed to be his Eyptian Pricess Kiya. Story twisted when Adam too thought Rania wasn’t human and got out of her life.
The event of Fadil ( Good Jinn ) meeting with Adam reminds me the Prophet Sulaiman/Solomon (pbuh)’s meeting with a disbeliever Queen who converted to islam ( mentioned in Quran 27:44 ) . Author did exactly fit in this fictituous story to make an atheist believe on Allah’s power. Adam belief become strong on Oneness of Allah , His unseen creatures and the power Allah bestowed him in reward of humanity work.
He did confronted Khaldun ( Bad Jinn) in a very risky and provacative way and the thrist of vengeance not only invoked in men but also in Jinn.
Adam faced all with his strong headedness and protected Rania at any cost.
Though in the middle of story, i got fuzzy feeling about the characters but overall it’s a good piece of fiction !

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A Silent Prayer Book Review

A Silent Prayer (A Prayer Series #1)A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“A Silent Prayer”,which I read it within a day from wattpad. I find this story very intense emotionally written by author ,and very much different from other romantic stories.
This story unfolds between two protagonist , Rania Ahmed and Adom Gibson.

Rania is a woman with beauty and brain, she is a muslim and has strong faith on God’s existence. She has a charming and strong personality and anyone who just met her,got smitten by her. She works as a Creative Designer in a company located in Gibson Enterprises Building where she first met Adam. Adam Gibson , a young handsome self-made billionaire, who was Atheist by faith. Due to his past family broken relation, he never believed on any relationship and women never appeals to him much until he met Rania. He falls in love with her innocence and simplicity and an unknown desire to protect her. He is a man of virtues and some strong force keep propel inside him to be her alltime since the day he met her first. He is considered as the most powerful man and richest businessman in his country yet throughout story, Rania dominates him and made him to rejoin his mother against his will.The most emotionally charged conversation is when Adam confessed God’s existence in a very emotional way to Rania. I broke into tears during reading this scene and applaud author here for writing it in such beautiful way.
Rania too get attracted to Adam as equal to Adam but she keep silent and never openly showed her emotions, her mysterious past showed as nightmares to her and she appears vulnerable to fear and some unknown force that Adam noticed . Adam developed feeling of protection over her. Rania’s presence becomes the most worthy thing in Adam’s life as he find her as simple as the blinking of eye , and as pleasing as a bed of roses.He constraints his desires for her yet can’t see her in some other man’s arms , in front of her. A moment of jealousy broke this strong relationship between Adam and Rania.
This seperation at end of novel , makes me to remind one golden saying of Hazrat Ali ( A.S) as “I recognized God through breaking of my own intentions/desires” .

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